How does this work?

The number one reason why pets aren’t rescued isn’t because no one wants them. It’s because many states make it nearly impossible to afford them. Adoption costs in some shelters run upwards of $400! Likewise, most rescues come with a set of medical issues. These can be vet bills in then thousands. The average family can’t pay these expenses. When you purchase a Bracelet, that money goes towards sponsoring a sheltered pet to help pay for these expenses.

How much goes towards the pets?

100% of the money you give goes towards the pets. Our independent sponsors have been generous enough to pay our salaries as well as the cost of bracelet materials. This allows the maximum amount of funds to go where it matters most, the pets.

Where are you located?

We grew up and started Niceproducts in Nashville, TN. Due to our parents relocating for job purposes, we are now based out of Roanoke, Virginia. However, we work with and are partnered with hundreds of no-kill shelters around the country.

How long does it take for orders to ship?

All of our domestic orders take are processed within 1-4 days. We ship all of our packages First Class via DHL.

Is there any animal products in the bracelets?

Absolutely not! We use faux leather and faux suede for all of our bracelets. Even though we choose to focus on sheltered cats and dogs, we care for all animals just the same.