Who we are ?

We are Santa's friends.

We don't just sell toys for kids and teens.
We sell dreams and unforgettable memories.

 We send more than 10,000 parcels a month.

Our strength is to sell dreams to children and adults alike. We check each product one by one before putting it on sale to ensure that it meets specific safety criteria. We love being able to be Santa's friends and feel what he feels. Being able to make children and adults happy with our exclusive products. We start from the simple principle that we sell emotions because when the child or even the adult receives his parcel... It is a deferment of joy. For your part, you would not be happy to work with Santa Claus? We do everything in our power to minimize the price of the products we offer for sale and that we guarantee. This does not reduce the quality of the product. We do that for kids and big kids. To be honest, we marvel at ourselves when we see parcels around the world hoping that the child who will receive it will be delighted.

Santa's Team.